Nature as a force in design
A platform of design forces at work
History as a design methodology discipline
Undiscovered steel sheet perspectives
Reveling in texture and granularity
New angles on traditional perspectives
Natural materials as part of the design process
New angles on traditional elements
Natural weaves as a design inspiration
Beauty in deconstruction
Beauty in every detail

"The difference between fine arts and architecture is a matter of scale" Angel Gomez-Canaan, Principal Architect

About Us

"A direct relationship between interior and exterior architecture is the defining factor for an outstanding experience"


A stage where architecture and design meet
FussWorkshop is an innovative architecture and design platform focusing on the experience of the end user as the basis for design, creating a seamless connection between interior spaces and architecture enabling the client to be the ultimate protagonist.

Our workshop is a stage where design forces meet to produce extraordinary products that combine tradition with innovation, always maintaining the focus on the end game: client satisfaction. Our Principal Architect is involved in every stage of the process, guiding our team of architects through the stages of conceptual design, design development and construction documents.

Our Service


Forces of influence through the lens of Design Research Lab and Urbanism combined with a passion for excellence and the latest trends create lines of content that consolidate the forces of architecture today.


The spatial experience as the guiding principle for interior design combining quality of life and lifestyle elements with functionality to create living, breathable spaces that best define the essence of the client.


A vision resulting from professional and life experiences in London, New York, Milan and Asia combining urbanism, DRL, furniture design, event design and brand applications to create exceptional spacial experiences.